The Foundation's Principals have long recognized that providing housing alone serves but one aspect of the needs of its residents, as important as addressing that is. Once that basic need is met, residents must be provided with the means to better the lives of their families, grow and to prosper economically.

Seeing an unmet need and a disconnection between housing and services, The Hampstead Foundation was formed, a 501(c)3 designated nonprofit entity tasked with the purpose of enhancing opportunity for its residents.

The Foundation is to be funded through the receipt of a portion of Hampstead’s development fees and rental receipts as well as through donations and government programs accessed as a part of the Foundation’s mission.

The Foundation is not designed to replace the important roles that Hampstead’s local nonprofit and agency partners play as a part of its development teams, but rather as an asset and adjunct there-to.

board of directors

A NOTE FROM the founders