Asmaa is an Iraqi Refugee who aspires to be a dentist. She immigrated to the US in 2008 without knowing any English, but has worked hard to graduate HS with honors. She started Junior College in the fall of 2016. 

Fanta fled a civil war that killed one of her siblings in the Ivory Coast to immigrate to America. She worked hard to break the language barrier, overcome bullying, and graduate HS with distinction. She aspires to be a Nurse and believes strongly in the power of education. She started junior college in the Fall of 2016.

Negar came to America fleeing religious persecution in Iran. She is Parisa's older sister. She is currently enrolled in Nursing classes while working multiple jobs to help support her family. 

Parisa came to America fleeing religious persecution in Iran. Her family was separated through the refugee process but she promised her father she would always focus on her education. She aspires to be an ER physician and is currently in her second year of college earning straight A's. In her spare time she tutors the younger children of the Paradise Shadows community.