Our foundation chooses to focus on improving access to educational opportunities including scholarship opportunities, access to and training on how to use technology, specific classes given at low income communities, and access to outside educational opportunities such as field trips to community educational institutions. 

our vision

our mission

There is a long cycle of poverty that exists in many affordable housing communities nationwide. Many affordable housing programs were established to give residents a head start to establishing themselves economically and socially. The programs were intended to work as a springboard to further advance in society.  However, in reality there are many legacy tenants in these communities that have lived in their apartments for 30 plus years and now have their grown children living in these communities as well.  Recent studies have shown that individuals who grow up surrounded by poverty have markedly reduced chances of upward mobility. Access to education and technology are often lacking in these communities and residents do not have the tools to progress up the economic and social ladder.

The problem

The Hampstead Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of low-income individuals by aiding in access to education and technology. Our goal is to provide a catalyst for breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in low-income communities by empowering individuals interested in bettering themselves and the communities in which they live.

mission + vision